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Photos Taken in 2016 UMACP Annual Dinner Event

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The following is a list of photos taken by Dr. Jifeng Zhang in the 2016 UMACP Annual Dinner Event, held at Travis Pointe Country Club, Ann Arbor, on Saturday, March 19, 2016.

Dr. Erping Zhu and Ms. Melissa Mccotter welcome everyone.

Before reception: Lingjie Wang, Eugene Chen, Xinjian Zhou

UMACP dinner event slide

Reception: Lin Chang, Yanbo Fan

Reception: Eugene Chen, Jun Wu, Liangyou Rui, Lei Yin, Bo Yang



Reception: Shuming Bo, Xianglei Huang, Bin Zhao. Albert Shih, Yin-Long Qiu

Reception: Fei Gao, Lang Qi, Yanzhuang Wang


Reception: Yi Zhang, Jack Hu, Eugene Chen

Reception: Albert Shih, Yi Zhang

Reception: Yueshan Tong, Jack Hu, Eugene Chen, Hai Xu, Chuanwu Xi

Reception: Jack Hu, Haoming Zhang

Reception: Yanzhuang Wang, Jie Song, Yiru Xu, Zhan Chen

Reception: Jun Wu, Liangyou Rui, Lei Yin

Reception: Qing Zhu, Yongqing Li, Bo Yang

Reception: Jack Hu, Bo Yang, Joe Kolars, Jun Li

Reception: Bo Yang, Joe Kolars, Candace Kolars, Jack Hu

Ready for dinner: Amy Huang, Oliver He, Tiefei Tong

Ready for dinner: Anna Lok, Lin Chang, Yanhong Guo

Ready for dinner: Joe Kolars, Candace Kolars, Lin Chai, Jack Hu, Hai Xu, Eugene Chen, Yueshan Tong

Ready for dinner: David Ward, Brewster Gere, Anne Gere, Weiping Zou, Huishan Chang, Albert Shih

Dr. Jack Hu ~ UM Vice President for Research

Dinner while listening

Dinner while listening

Dr. Joe Kolars ~ Senior Associate Dean for Education and Global Initiatives, UM Medical School

Dr. Hai Xu ~ Counsellor for Science and Technology, Chinese Consulate General in Chicago

Dr. Tiefei Dong ~ UM Tech Transfer Office

Dr. Bin Zhao ~ The Office of University Development

Dr. Chuanwu Xi ~ Executive Director, UM-BICI Partnership Program

David Ward ~ Writer - introduces a book on Transformative Leaders between UM and China

Dr. Eugene Chen: discuss modifications of the UMACP bylaws.

After dinner: Anna Lok, Eugene Chen

After dinner

After dinner: Lydia Li, Roland Zullo, Shuming Bao

After dinner: Fei Wen, Jack Hu, Eugene Chen, Peter Ma, Bo Yang, Daunmu San

After dinner: Haoxing Xu, Bin Ye, Qing Li

After dinner: Victor Li, Bin Zhao

After dinner: Xianzhe Jia, Shasha Zou, Qing Zhu, Yongqing Li

After dinner: Drs. Eugene Chen and Weiping Zou



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